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By Gustoon
5/31/2023 12:17 pm
In this fledgling idea of a league we all find ourselves in the same weird but super exciting little boat with the basic idea of levelling the playing field and winning with your chosen roster and good team tactics.
There have been times this year when I’ve forgotten about ‘Winning’ and just getting it right.
The tribe started off quite slowly this year and actually joint last in the league , but slowly adjustment after adjustment we’ve got our shizzle together. Even dropping and adding some nice additions to the team , that have made immediate contributions.

So as we face the last two games of our season , it going to be very tough to make make post season.
Currently we have a one game advantage over the other chasing teams , but we have this schedule to finish ….

Dec 17 @ Montana Grizzlies (11-3

Not the easiest run in.

But whatever happens the rest of this season , it’s been fun and we’re already looking forward to next season , but we have business to take care of first !

Go Tribe!!