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Re: Stats of Interest thru 12 games

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/26/2023 6:36 pm
QB .... there are only 4 QBs with 90 or better ratings so far, which shows you its been tough sledding for offense so far. Amazing that SU's Daniel Tant is the leader by far, with a 106 QBR!
Tants Ai rating is only 67! The 9 yr vet has 100 accuracy, the rest of his key attributes are 75 Arm and lower! Tant is followed by G Shaw, SCS Bulldogs, with a 95 QBR. Shaw is a 14 yr vet, 82 Ai rating. 80+ accuracy, look off, FOVision, and PRelease.

It appears that veteran QBs may have an advantage in the first season.

Holy Cross has the leading RB, Charley Barley. He's the first to crack the 1000 yard mark, with 1.068 on 258 carries with a good 4.1 avg and 6 TDs. He's followed by Montana's Bradford Newsome (944 & 4.2 avg, 2 TDs) and Northern Col's Eric Doe (927 & 3.8 avg, 5 TDs). Both Barley and Newsome have high speed atts, Doe has a low 70 speed countered with 85 break and 91 carry.

Harvard's Bryan Graham is the leading WR with 10 TDS, 32 catches with an outstanding 25 yds per catch average. 95 speed to go along with 92 bump avoid & 90 route, 79 catch & 78 courage. When you play Harvard, you better have a good CB on his side, with high speed and bump. Graham was RNG/Harvards 2nd round pick and turned out to be a very good one. Harvard also has the top TE in Thomas Gray, 63 catches/9.5 avg/5 TDs and 3rd leading yardage gained. AND.... Harvard has the #5 receiving yardage, WR Andrew Rudy. Thats not fair Red, lol.

Dartmouth's RB Roman Baker is some kind of kick returner, with 3 TD returns so far and a whopping 48 yd per return average. Better kick it deep for touchbacks when you play the Big Green.

2 Kickers lead with 28 FGs made. RMColonials Charles Jean (80%) and Montana's Adam Travis (78%). Travis also has an outstanding 73 yard KO avg.

Dartmouth has the leading punter so far, Xavier Vargas, who has nailed opposing teams 53 times inside the 20. 5 punters have the top avg of 47 per punt.

Harvard (dammit Red!) also has the sack leader, LDE Eric Stone, with 24. Next best is South Dakota's RDE John Box with 20. Stone has 70 speed, 100 strength, & 66/81 pass rush. Box is somewhat different, with only 57 speed, 80 strength, and 100 pass rush. Both are good examples of the attributes and ratings that make good pass rushers and sackers. North Dakota has 2 of the top 9 in sacks, #3/18 James "Maniac" Mund, and #9/14 Thomas "Big Money" Forbes. Both have high atts in speed, strength, and pass rush.

The pick leader with 8 is SS Ian Barton from Austin Peay. He also has a very good 35% catch allowed on 43 passes thrown at him. Most knock downs, 24, done by Western Illinois CB1, Paul Coffee. Only one DB with more than 70 passes thrown at him cracked the 40% mark, Harvards (dammit again Red!) CB2 Leonard Pal with 35.7 no wonder Harvard is in first place with all the players it has mentioned in the stats category, lol.

Next best DB so far is Princeton's CB1 Oren Barret with a 41 % CA and 5 picks.

Best LB for picks is Dayton's WLB Joe Duncan with 6, tied for 2nd overall. followed by MLB Robert Carter, Western Illinois, with 5

Thats all for now, lets see what happens over the last 4 reg season games! What a dog fight goin on in the Patriot & Pioneer Division! Gus' Tribe leads by one, and all 3 other teams are only down 1, going to be a fight to the finish.

TBird's Tant Holy Cross's Barley
Harvard WR Graham AP's SS Ian Barton

Last edited at 5/26/2023 6:59 pm