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Re: 2 day sim delay

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/26/2023 12:43 am
Need to delay the sim for a couple of reasons, one is to get new owner in for Sac St & Robert Morse, and the other is to make a couple of changes in the league rules/requirements,

We have two problems that are ocurring, preventing us from getting to the level of play diversity and variety that we are shooting for. I will PM everyone with the update and request.

thanks all, pm me if you have any questions or concerns.
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Re: 2 day sim delay

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/26/2023 1:14 am
This is being sent out to all FCS members. Based on the game results and what several of the team owners are having problems with, mainly overuse of the 43/46 Normal defensive plays, Im asking everyone to do a couple of things and am delaying the next sim, Midweek 13, for 2 days. This will be the last delay for the rest of the season. Its important that we all make this change.

Rule #2 is the primary cause of the 43/46 overuse, as the Ai Coach is not using the Nickel on an equal basis with the other personnel groups (Nickel, Dime, and Quarter). The rule was to prevent overuse of the Nickel and avoid the weakness vs the runs out of 113 and 23wr formations. Instead it is doing the opposite and going to far in the other direction. So, please remove Rule #2, and we will see what happens, if the offense play selection is diverse enough, the Nickel weakness will not be a big problem, and we should get better offense performance.

The other problem is the Ai coach using the GL offense for situations where the GL should not be used, like 2nd & 10. In your offense settings for personnel, zero out the 2RB/3TE for any and all offense. To use it specifically for goaline or 0-1 yard situations, use a rule. Otherwise, your Ai coach is going to overuse it, dont know why other than its in the game engine and code.

Lastly, please take the extra time to look at the play use for all of your 12 games so far, and compare to the last 2. In order to get a little more play use and variety we will need to increase the sliders on offense personnel for the plays that are not getting used much, like the 4wr and 5 wr personnel.

The idea is to trade off one weakness for another, and in doing so we will open the offense more than it has been. The 43 has had the advantage on defense, especially when used more than 70% of the defensive calls.

Any ideas or suggestions that you have that might help us get more play use and diversity, please dont hesitate to either pm it to me or post it in the forum.

All the best, GdB