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7th game, figuring the diversity out

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/15/2023 1:34 pm
The "trick" for our experiment is getting a full 30/30 and 40/40 plays used in a game, which has not been done and probably wont be, lol.

Hope you all have been enjoying this challenge and are not too frustrated by your results so far. Keep in mind that your have the play familiarity factor to deal with, which is why offense takes a little longer to catch up to the defense.

My last game I had 24 out of 30 defense plays used, which is pretty good. But, had 3 plays used 6 times. 3 secondary settings (1 deep man, 2 deep man, man) were used heavily, which will be adjusted for next game, by evening out the secondary settings. My linebacker settings are all set to 10.

Offensively, I used 30 out of 40 active plays, want to get that up to 35. My Personnel settings are equal. The Gameplan settings are favoring inside run & short pass, so may adjust them lower and outside run/med pass higher and slightly increase the long pass, hard to get away from the 4.6 nerf of the long pass.

One thing I would strongly urge all of you to do, if you have not already done so. In your Offense Personnel setting, zero out the GL offense for all med & long yardage. You dont want your GL offense being used on 1st & 10, for example. At least not against me or any other team with a good defense. When you call a 2rb3t3 play, you will get the GL defense called against it, unless you have a rule to prevent the Ai coach from automatically calling it. In my case, I want the GL defense vs a GL offense, the resutls are heavy in my favor. Only time they are not is if the PA TE Drag pass connects or tackles are missed and the RB breaks into the open.

Re: 7th game, figuring the diversity out

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/15/2023 4:12 pm
Reminder.... when you are scouting your opponent and notice a problem with plays overused, a low play variety ( less than 20 defense, 30 offense), use of the GL offense other than on the GL or very short yardage situations, let them know, send a PM so they are aware of the problem. Scout early, which will give your opponent time to make a change before the game starts.

Request.... when you scout your opponent, put your games played on 1, minimum play used on 1. That will show you the number of plays used in the previous game. If the offense play count is under 30 or the defense is under 25, or plays are used more than 5 times. Send that info to your opponent, not as a criticism but as info that they need to know. Also if you notice an overuse of personnel, like the 212, 113, 2rb3wr on offense or the 43/46 normal on defense along with 1 deep, 2 deep, man coverages, let them know. Scouting a team gives you the ability to easily break down the play selection and use, and the diversity or lack thereof.
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Re: 7th game, figuring the diversity out

By Gustoon
5/17/2023 4:22 am
Yeah I think you’re right getting a perfect 40/40 30/30 would require all the chips falling in the exact way. I don’t know much about algorithms but I’m sure the odds are stacked against it happening.
But I think the game is much better with the usage of more plays being used .