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Re: It Can Cost You your Game!!!

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/08/2023 9:25 pm
Not having Rule#1, to prevent the use of the GL defense vs 2 TE and formations other than the 2rb3td goaline offense!!! Some of you do not have that rule working!!!

Here's just one example from the last set of games.......

2-10-TMS 20 (0:17) 39-XXX ran for 80 yards. TOUCHDOWN! XXX 6 XXX 3
Offensive Play: Weak I Big HB Lead Toss Weak
Defensive Play: Goal Line Attack #2

Once the RB broke tackle on the outside, there was no one left. You should not be using the GL defense in a 2nd & 10 situation! It was automatically called because the offense was using a 2 TE formation. That is why we have RULE #1.

We have RULE #2 to prevent the Nickel from being automatically called vs 3 wr personnel. Otherwise the Nickel would be overused against teams that use a lot of 3wr plays. We have not had that problem, we have had the opposite......

I see a lot of 43/46 overuse as opposed to the Nickel, Dime, Quarter. If you picked 15 or more 43/46 plays, thats gonna happen. You need around 7 Nickel, 5 Dime, and 3 Quarter defenses in your selection of 30 defense plays. Otherwise, you will get a game where the 43/46 defense is called 80% or more of the time. The **** Crash Right is being overcalled, dont know why, but it is noticeable, for some reason the Ai coach calls it more than the others, depending on your Secondary and LB settings.

1st play on offense, 1st and 10, and what gets called?

1-10-xxx 25 (14:56) 17- xxx Pass knocked down by 25- xxx. incomplete, intended for 88-xxx
Offensive Play: Goal Line Normal PA TE Drag
Defensive Play: Goal Line Attack #2 - Pass Key

If you want to use the GL on first down, you can, but I dont recommend it and most college teams in any and all divisions dont do it, and the Pros dont either. If you do not know how to control it, please PM me, its not difficult or complicated. You put the setting for GL personnel on ZERO for med and long yardage. Its another one of the Ai coach problems, they use the GL offense way too much, call it way more than it should be.

Overall, there's overuse with the GL defense and the 43/46, that is what needs to be worked on and reduced to get a better play mix on defense. You have 30 defensive plays, you should be using at least 25 in a game by now. If you have 20 or more 43/46, that is an unfair advantage versus someone that has a more equal spread between personnel. The 43 blitz plays have the advantage, which is why they are called the most in the "narrow window" "How to play 4.6" game. If you are using 43 and 46 Blitz plays half the time or more, you are not getting the diversity we are attempting to get in this league.

In RL, if you are playing a team that is blitzing a lot, what do you do? Screens and quick passes, or draw plays. Unfortunately, we dont have that capability in this game, to audible when a blitz is coming, or to call a play in anticipation of of a blitz. Now, in 4.6, 43/46 Blitz 1 or 2 is a defensive advantage that is not easy to overcome. Its worse if you have the high speed, high rated players in key positions, like WLB. So please, spread the calls and personnel out so we dont get games with one or both teams using the 43 & 46 personnel more than 60% of the time. That is one of the repetitive personnel situations we are trying to get away from.
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Re: It Can Cost You your Game!!!

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/09/2023 5:46 am
Weak 5

2 TE personnel, Strong I Big, used on 2nd down & 10. This is why you do not want to have your GL defense automatically called by the Ai coach.

2-10-xxx 39 (0:50) 7-xxx pass complete to 81-xxx to xxx 5 for 56 yards. Tackle by 47-xxx. Nice job by 81-xxx on that route to lose his coverage.
Offensive Play: Strong I Big Backfield Drag
Defensive Play: Goal Line Attack #3

This is when you want to use your GL defense, in very short yardage situations. and when the offense is using their 2rb3te GL personnel........

3-1-xxx 32 (3:10) 44-xxx ran to xxx 32 for -1 yards. Tackle by 91-xxx.
Offensive Play: Goal Line Normal HB Dive
Defensive Play: Goal Line Attack #3 - Pass Key

And it happens again, same game, and is very costly, giving up the TD and getting overuse penalty......

1-10-XXX 34 (8:50) 7-xxxx pass complete to 81-xxxx for 34 yards. TOUCHDOWN! 81-,xxx,breaks down the CB. Pressure by 90-xxxx. If the defense doesn't start mixing up their plays a bit more we might see more big gains like that one. XXX 20 XXX 10
Offensive Play: Strong I Big TE Post
Defensive Play: Goal Line Attack #3

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