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Re: Rule modification needed, and Offense setting

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/04/2023 9:45 am
Looking at some of the game play logs, and see that the GL defense is being overcalled and used by the Ai coach versus non GL formations and situations, like 1st & 10 (see the "Plays that should not happen" thread).

You will need to modify the Non Auto GL rule, to include the other offense formations other than the GL 2rb3te.

Simply add the other personnel groups to your existing rule. Here's what mine looks like, I put the Personnel section change in bold. The defensive formation selection is spread evenly (25%) between Normal, Nickel, Dime, and Quarter.

Down: First Down, Second Down, Third Down, Fourth Down
Distance: 3 - 30 To Go
Location: Own 2 - Opp 0

Personnel: 1RB/2TE/2WR, 2RB/2TE/1WR, 3RB/1TE/1WR, 5WR, 1TE/4WR, 2TE/3WR, 1RB/4WR, 1RB/1TE/3WR, 2RB/3WR, 2RB/1TE/2WR

Quarter: First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Overtime
Time: 15:00 - 0:00
Score: Down 29+ - Up 29+
Personnel: Goal Line: 0%, Normal Defensive Backfield: 25%, Nickel: 25%, Dime: 25%, Quarter: 25%
Secondary: 1-Deep Man: 20%, 2-Deep Man: 20%, 3-Deep Zone: 8%, 4-Deep Zone: 5%, Corner Blitz: 7%, Safety Blitz: 5%, 2-Deep Zone: 10%, Man: 20%, 3-Deep Man: 5%, 4-Deep Man: 2%
Linebackers: Zone: 17%, Blitz 1: 17%, Blitz 2: 17%, Blitz 2+: 17%, Man: 17%, Zone In: 17%
Run/Pass: Run: 0%, Pass: 50%, Neutral: 50%

I will prob change the Blitz 2+ to 5% or lower, it currently isnt being used anyway, other than GL#3. There are 3 plays total in my playbook that have the Blitz 2+. I currently have only 1 active.

In addition, if you dont want a GL (2rb3te) play called on 1st and 10, or other than short yardage situations (like in RL football), you will need to adjust your offense personnel slider to prevent that happening. For all downs, med & long, put the GL 23 on zero.
Last edited at 5/04/2023 9:48 am