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Re: Scouting

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/03/2023 7:38 pm
Scouting is where you can really see what your opponent has and is doing with play selection and use. Its the one thing that will show whether or not your opponent is getting the level of play variety and use that we are trying to do, and vice versa.

When you click on Scout Offense : start with the "Number of Recent Gaems" set to 1. And the :Minimum Times Used" to 1. Then look at your opponents plays to see what was used the most and how many times, along with how many plays used. Im playing against the Missouri State Bears next game. 26 offense plays were used (which is about 10 fewer than the desired level). One play was used 8 times, there's needs to be some adjustments, that play did not do very well, so the owner should want to correct that asap.

Next, you go by "Personnel", Here are the results for the Bears ....... 5wr had no plays used, 1te4wr - 0, 1rb4wr - 0, 113 - 7 plays used 13 times, 122- 1/1, 2rb3wr - 7 plays used 11 times, 212 - 10 plays/27 times, 221-0, 2rb3te - 0, 311 - 1/2.

There's some adjustments and possibly play additions that need to be done there.

Defense Scouting ....... 1 game, 1 minimum play used. Bears .... 19 plays used, Not Good
heavy use (more than 6 times, most being 12). There's a lot of adjustment and changes needed to fix that. The Bears are not gaining much of an advantage, based on the play avgs., but they have a very low variety of play selection/use.

I will PM the owner to let him know and to suggest what he can do to correct the non-variety. This will be the best way to get all the teams & owners squared away.

Settings for offense .... 1. Gameplan, sets your play preference by field position, so that will vary team to team. 2. Personnel ... MOST IMPORTANT, set your personnel all at ten. If you are getting too many plays by personnel sets that you dont want to use as much, reduce the setting number (slider). But, try to get at least one play per game from all personnel sets.

Setting for defense .... 1. Secondary . this you can vary a little from having the same number (slider setting) for each secondary setting. But, dont vary it too much or you will reduce your overall variety. 2. Linebackers ... all the same, other than 2+ Blitz, I put that at 1 or 2.

If you are still not getting a good variety of calls with those settings, then there may be something else throwing things off, like rules. You should only have 2 rules, the ones posted. Plus a rule for Offense 4th down and 0-1 (when you want to go for it instead of punt or FG attempt). There are other rules you can use, but make sure they dont severely affect your play variety & use. If you are getting one play used 8 or more times in a game, that's a problem. If you are having a major problem with this, I would suggest clearing all your rules. Use the settings described above and in other threads. Then, CAREFULLY, add the 2 rules for the GL and Nickel not being automatically called by the Ai Coach. If there is still a problem, PM me!
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Re: Scouting

By slowtospeak
5/03/2023 8:33 pm
No need, I'm voting with my feet anyway. I don't need a lecture on top of getting blown out repeatedly. It's obvious this is not for me.

Re: Scouting

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/04/2023 7:29 am
slowtospeak wrote:
No need, I'm voting with my feet anyway. I don't need a lecture on top of getting blown out repeatedly. It's obvious this is not for me.

From now on, will not post in the league forum about non-compliance with the play variety and use. My intent was not to lecture, but to inform and compare, so everyone in the league might benefit as we try to get this type of game play squared away. For some, its not an easy transition, its a different way of playing MFN, as opposed to a 10 play or less defense and 20 or less play offense. Should not take more than a couple of days to get a new team owner, there are more than a few left who are looking for more variety in this game. Take a look at the leagues that are now dominated by the few, same names and teams in the League Championship games. To do so, you have to play within a very narrow method, both play selection and player type, with play selection being the most important. The method is posted in the Community Help Forum. And it means that everyone must play the game the same way to compete, if you prefer winning to losing the games. That is why this league was formed and may hopefully, help the game developer with decisions and improvements to the game in the future.
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