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Re: Before Game 3

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/02/2023 2:02 pm
So far, am really enjoying this effort, I think most of you are also. Its a challenge, and something different in MFN. First thing I recommend you do after viewing your second game, go to gameplanning, OFF Plays. Personnel, Formation, & Plays are set on ALL. SORT BY is on Times Called. Number of Recent Games is on 1. Minimum Times Called is on 1. That will give you your offensive play count/use. Same for DEF Plays.

Check your Selected Plays, mine was 38/40. I need to add 2 plays on offense.

Then you count the boxes (the plays). Mine was a total of 31 offense plays used in the game, I want to get that to 36-40. which means that I need to add the two plays and make an adjustment in the Offense category on the gameplanning page, the one on the far left. There are two items that affect the play selection. 1. Gameplan - type of play, area of field. I dont vary it much at this point but will adjust it to affect the play selection, for first down I use an even number for Inside Run and Short Pass, and about half that number for Outside Run and Med Pass. Those settings will result in more Inside Run and Short Pass plays being called than the others. I did not have any Long Pass plays active (which is why I had the 2 plays fewer than 40), but am considering adding two of them and use a rule to control their use, the **** Ai Coach went out of control on the use of Long Pass in my first game. I think we should have one or two long pass plays active, but not if the Ai coach is using them heavy, you will need a rule to control that if you are using any Long Pass plays.

2. Personnel .... real simple, same number for all personnel sets. 10

So that you can compare.....Of the 31 offense plays called, I had 3 plays that were used 5 times (they were terrible, avg less than 1 yd), I play 4 times, 5 plays 3 times, and then the rest were all 2 or less. Pretty good!

Defense.... same settings, 1 game, 1 play minimum used. My selection was 30/30, and 23 plays were used in the game. So will need to adjust my Secondary settings, which are currently between 5 and 20. Will need to up the lower settings. My Linebacker settings are all on 20, other than 2+ Blitz, which is set to 2.

Again, to compare, I had 21 of 30 defense plays used, Dime Double 1 & 2 was used 6 times, Crash Right/5, and Dime Double WR3/5. The Dime is prob automatically called vs 4 and 5 WR sets, as it should be, which would account for its use. The 43 Crash Right seems to be a favorite Ai coach call, as Ive heard from several about it being used the most of the 43 Normal defense plays.

Rules .... will really affect play selection, so you need to be careful outside of the 2 rules that have been posted to prevent the Ai coach from automatically calling GL defense and Nickel. If you have a rule that specifically calls for the use of a personnel set or play type, that will affect your play selection and use. We have 2 recommended rules, and they are used to prevent the automatic GL & Nickel defense calls. Those are the only two you should be using other than for 4th and 0-1 offense situations, going for it on 4th down when behind by more than 10-14 points, not kicking a FG when in 4th quarter and leading by more than 22, and any other particular situation that you want to control and not have the Ai coach do the opposite.

Anyone having trouble with rules, please PM me, and I will help.

(Added copy from another thread post)..........

Check what personnel are being used, as the Dime defense is most likely being automatically called vs 4 & 5 WR sets, as it should, nothing we can or should do about that. Ive posted the basic "guide" as to how to increase the play use variety, on offense you even out the sliders for personnel, we may have to cut it in half for the more lesser used sets, like 4 & 5 WRs. For Defense, I will be be adjusting my Secondary settings, increasing my lower numbers and decreasing my higher. If you are using more rules than the two posted, thats ok, as long as its not significantly affecting your play selection. Ive posted my play use numbers in two threads, so you can compare. I had 21 defensive plays used, and want to get that up to 26 minimum. And I had 31 offense plays used out of 38 selected, which is gettin real close to the desired level of 35-40.

The other thing you should check is the number of times your personnel is used. Easy to do, in the OFF Plays and DEF Plays sections, just click on the Personnel box and check each one.

For my last game, Offense .... 5WR - 2 plays/8 times (surprised!), 1te4wr - 1 play/1, 1rb/1wr/1, 1-1-3 - 6 plays/14 times, 1-2-2 - 1/1, 2rb/3wr - 5/14, 2-1-2 - 9/21, 2-2-1 - 2/3, 23 GL - 2/2, and 3-1-1 - 2/3.

So, the usual 212, 113, and 2rb3wr were called the most, 21 + 14 + 14, 49 total. I will adjust to spread those numbers out and get the other formations called more, To do that I will need to change my slider setting in the Offense section for personnel.

Defense ...... is a little more tricky, as you have Secondary, Linebacker, and Personnel settings involved. Going by the 5 Personnel sets, I had Goaline - 2 plays/6 times. Normal - 10 plays/21 times, Nickel - 1 play/2 times (will need to change that, I did not use the Nickel at all in my other leagues), Dime - 9 plays/29 times! (another surprise!). Overall, this shows me much heavier use of the Normal and Dime defensive plays.

So, I highly recommend you check both offense and defense personnel use, that will give you another thing to help review what your play use is.

Last edited at 5/02/2023 3:58 pm