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Settings for Offense and Defense

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/28/2023 3:16 pm
If you are not getting a good variety of play calls and use, first thing would be to check your settings, they are the two categories on the left of the page for gameplanning.

OFFENSE .... set all personnel to 10. last game I had 38 out of 40 plays used at least once. I had 3 plays used more than the 5-6 range, I dont have any rules that call for specific personnel use, so that may be about the best I can do. Anyone with all plays called at 5 or less, please post in this thread how you are doing that. What settings you are using, etc.

DEFENSE.... secondary.... all between 10 & 20, use 20 max for the personnel you would normally use the most.

linebackers .... I set mine all equal, at 10 each.

With that Ive been getting all 30 defensive plays used each game. Last game my max play use on Defense was one play used 4 times, followed by 7 plays used 3 times, 9 plays used twice, and 13 plays used once. You can use my numbers to check against how yours are doing.

Again, make sure that you have the 2 rules that have been posted in to prevent automatic use of GL & Nickel. If your offense is calling too many GL plays, you will need to adjust the personnel number down. Instead of all the personnel numbers being even, cut it to 5 or lower. Use a rule if you want to use it specifically in short yardage situations in a mix with your other personnel that you would normally use in short yardage.

Any questions or need help to get your full variety of play use, PM me.