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One more day

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/28/2023 1:44 pm
We arent going to get a 4th pre-season game, so instead Im opting for a 1 day delay, it being Friday, we should also get the Saturday break before the first game Sunday night. If not I will add 1 day delay.

PLEASE, take some time and look at your play selection and use from your last game. If you are not sure about the best way to do that, please PM me and I will give you the instructions.

When you scout your first reg season opponent, if you see any play overuse, PM your opponent and let him know. He may or may not already be aware of it and is in the process of adjusting. If you notice anything else that is unusual or players out of position, not that I would expect any, let the opponent know with a pm.

All of the owners in this league were invited based on game experience, sportsmanship, and level of interest in the game. There will be mistakes made, and sometimes the Ai will cause a problem with play selection and use, and to counter that you need a rule to prevent it. Ive posted 2 rules that should be used, and there are a couple more that would also be a good idea to have. One would be to prevent the Ai from calling the GL offense on other than short yardage situations, when it is normally used in RL. When it does that, it triggers the GL defense (for 2rb3te). We have the rule posted to prevent the GL defense from being automatically called vs the 122, 221, and 311 personnel.
Another rule you should have is for when to go for it on 4th down instead of a punt or FG attempt. Thats a matter of personal choice, but it should be your choice and not the Ai.

If anyone needs help on a rule(s), please PM me or one of the other team owners who you know uses rules. Or if you can help with rules, please reply in this thread so others know you are willing to help and advise on that. thanks, so far am more than pleased with the progress and development of this league and effort, it should be different and interesting in a positive way. cheers! GdB

Re: One more day

By Pittball1
4/28/2023 7:32 pm
Lehigh Mountain Hawks ready to roll. Let the games begin!!