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Re: 3rd Week, review , adjust, and alert

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/25/2023 11:41 am
Now that we have 2 games in, its a real good time to review your plays, useage, and make adjustments & changes.

When you review the play useage and notice any overuse by the opposing team, send a pm to them! Let them know to make sure that they are aware of the overuse. Usually, overuse is caused by Ai play selection based on offensive personnel, GL and 3 wr sets. The other cause is your Offense settings for play type and personnel. One or more rules could cause it also, depending on the settings in the rule. Make sure you have the two rules that were posted to prevent the automatic use of GL defense and Nickel vs 3 wr sets.

First thing you can do, go to your Gameplanning, click on OFF Plays and set your "Sort by" to Times Called, "Number of recent gamess" to 1, and "Minimum Times Used" to 1. That will show you what kind of variety you had in the play selection and use. In mine, I had 38 out of 40 offense plays called, and all 30 defnsive plays called at least once. Pretty happy with that. Putting in the two rules fixed the GL defensive play overuse problem and Nickel vs 3 wr problem. BUT .... my GL #3 was used 12 times (the opposing team used GL 23te offense a lot) and 46 Heavy, WLB Blitz was used 6 times, will see if I can get that back under 5. Overall, a huge difference from the "narrow window" of plays that I use in the other leagues, and more interesting and fun to watch IMHO.

Please scout your next game as soon as you can, and alert your opponent if you see an overuse problem. I will be looking at games and will be sending PMs to some of you if I notice a problem or see what might be an improvement on roster and/or play selection. As always, you input, comments, complaints, observations, et al are most welcome. We are trying to do something special with this league, the more involved you are, the better. If you need any help making adjustments, please PM me. cheers! GdB
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Re: 3rd Week, review , adjust, and alert

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/26/2023 12:21 am
Personally, in the last pre-season game, my play selection and use was dramatically improved.

38 out of 40 offense plays were used, with only one play exceeding the 5 times limit, and that was a dive play used 6 times.

On defense, all 30 out of 30 selected plays were used with only two plays over the goal of 5.
Goaline 3 was used 12 times, the reason for that is the opposing team used the 2rb3te formation several times which "autos" the GL Wasnt a good idea as my GL defense only allowed 1 yd per play average. If your offense is calling the 2rb3te personnel too many times, you need to adjust it. The other play over the goal was 46 Heavy WLB Blitz, used 8 times, Im not sure why and am looking at it play logs to figure it out.

Very happy overall with the progress Ive made from game 1 to 2. Am pretty sure that I will hit the goal next game. I posted my numbers so you could compare to what you are currently getting for play use. If you are having trouble getting all your plays used, let me know.

Scout your next game and let your opponent know if you see a problem in his play use. Try to do that as soon as you can.

One day delay for first game, here's why

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/28/2023 1:35 pm
We arent going to get a 4th pre-season game, so instead Im opting for a 1 day delay, it being Friday, we will also get the Saturday break before the first game Sunday night.

PLEASE, take some time and look at your play selection and use from your last game. If you are not sure about the best way to do that, please PM me and I will give you the instructions.

When you scout your first reg season opponent, if you see any play overuse, PM your opponent and let him know. He may or may not already be aware of it and is in the process of adjusting.

All of the owners in this league were invited based on game experience, sportsmanship, and level of interest in the game. There will be mistakes made, and sometimes the Ai will cause a problem with play selection and use, and to counter that you need a rule to prevent it. Ive posted 2 rules that should be used, and there are a couple more that would also be a good idea to have. One would be to prevent the Ai from calling the GL offense on other than short yardage situations, when it is normally used in RL. When it does that, it triggers the GL defense (for 2rb3te). We have the rule posted to prevent the GL defense from being automatically called vs the 122, 221, and 311 personnel.
Another rule you should have is for when to go for it on 4th down instead of a punt or FG attempt. Thats a matter of personal choice, but it should be your choice and not the Ai.

If anyone needs help on a rule(s), please PM me or one of the other team owners who you know uses rules. Or if you can help with rules, please reply in this thread so others know you are willing to help and advise on that. thanks, so far am more than pleased with the progress and development of this league and effort, it should be different and interesting in a positive way. cheers! GdB