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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/23/2023 9:40 pm
The North Dakota St Bisons are an amazing program, to say the least, in the FCS division. They have won the FCS championship 8 times out of the last 10 seasons! Even more impressive is that they have done that in the FCS playoff system, with a field of 24 teams! You "earn" your championship in the FCS by winning, not by votes. There are no debates about who would beat who, they prove it on the field.

In addition to the playoff structure, another big difference between the FCS and FBS (the "Bigs"), is the number of scholarships they can offer. FCS can offer 63, FBS can do 85.

Trey Lance was selected 3rd overall by the 49ers in the 2021 draft, he led NDSU to the 2020 FCS championship in his freshman year! crushing Montana St. 38-10. Lance was named MVP of the game to go along with his Walter Payton and Jerry Rice Awards. His 2021 season was cut short by the covid situation, and he opted out for the NFL draft. NDSU just keeps reloading, they are an amazing and consistent program. Wont be surprised if they move up to FBS. The team they beat in the semi-final in 2021, James Madison, moved up to FBS and went 8-3 last season, almost getting a FBS bowl bid. JMU and NDSU was a good matchup.

Lot of drama in his first season with the 49ers, was selected as the starter over Jimmy G, then he got hurt, Jimmy G got hurt, and then the last pick of the draft, Mr Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, got his chance and led the 49ers on a 10 game win streak up to the NFC champ game. Purdy is looking like the starter for next season and the 49ers appear to be looking to trade Lance as a result, along with his big salary and cap hit.
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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/24/2023 8:18 am
FCS preview for the 2023 Season, (RL).

There will be 127 teams in FCS play this fall — not counting Kennesaw State and its FBS transition.

Here are the top teams by "tiers"

The step above the rest tier
South Dakota State
South Dakota State is a step above even the elite teams entering the 2023 season. The Jackrabbits should be a unanimous No. 1 preseason team after winning last season's FCS title.

Outside of a new coach, South Dakota State has few question marks. Its only major loss offensively is tight end Tucker Kraft, who missed a good portion of last season anyways. The Jacks lose two starters on their defensive line in Reece Winkleman and Caleb Sanders, but expect them to reload at the positions that rotate more often than not.

Top Contenders Tier

North Dakota State, has won 9 out of the last 11 FCS championships, they will be there again.

Montana State, has been close the last two seasons, they may break through and win it all for the first time, like South Dakota did last season.

William & Mary, Gus' team. made it to the quarterfinals last season and they get their top rated QB back.

Potential Playoff Seed Tier ........

Holy Cross, Sacramento State, and Samford were all playoff seeds last season, where the top 8 seeds get a bye for the first round.

North Carolina Central, Southeast Missouri State, Furman, Idaho, and New Hampshire are expected to be in the hunt for the other 5 seed spots.

Playoff Contenders that are in our league tier.......

Montana, Princeton, Austin Peay, Richmond, Harvard, Youngstown State, Merrimack, and Dayton.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend that you catch a game on ESPN. There are also an unlimited number of games on Youtube you can watch.

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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/26/2023 11:38 am
Some great FCS Traditions

Idaho Vandals

Every time the Idaho football team runs onto the field, they make sure a player is carrying the American flag. This started under former head coach Robb Akey after he took a trip to Afghanistan. The Vandals still run out with the flag under current head coach Paul Petrino.

Ring the Bell

Idaho has another tradition inside the walls of its facilities and uses it as a rallying call with “Ring the Bell.” Every time the bell is rung in the weight room, it signifies a player has hit his personal best.

The Serpentine

Add another tradition for Idaho, one that the students love. On the night before the homecoming football game, students form a serpentine led by the marching band that snakes across campus and picks people up on the way to a bonfire and pep rally.

Originally, freshmen were tasked with gathering materials for the fire. Now, it is constructed by the homecoming committee. The serpentine has been an annual event for more than 100 years.

At the beginning of every season, the freshmen class runs across the football field from end zone to end zone. Known FCS schools to do this are Northern Arizona, Northern Colorado, and Western Carolina. (James Madison also does this, but has another well-known tradition that will be on this list.)

WCU’s tradition had a special twist with beloved chancellor David Belcher leading the freshmen during his seven years at the school. Belcher, known as the biggest fan of every sport/athlete at WCU, passed away in 2018 after a year-long battle with cancer.

“‘Peach Blossoms’ is the informal name of WIU’s Veterans Club with the purpose to help student-veterans adjust to college life after their time in service. They are also a group of the most passionate Leatherneck fans out there.

The Peach Blossoms, a moniker adopted in the 1960s, can be seen during home games, tailgating, and the annual parade wearing their red-dyed mop tops and purple T-shirts.

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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/30/2023 3:04 pm
Harvard gets the first "Team of the Week" award in the FCS League, with a smashing win over division and Ivy League rival Princeton, 53-3.

Harvard has a tradition of having only one captain each season. Senior running back Aidan Borguet won the Frederick Greeley Crocker Award as the team's most valuable player, and senior defensive lineman Nate Leskovec earned selection as the 149th captain in program history as Harvard University football celebrated its 2022 season at its annual football awards banquet at the Harvard Club of Boston.

Leskovec will serve as the Crimson's captain for the 2023 season, next season they will get their 150th captain!

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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/03/2023 6:59 pm
10 FCS players selected in the 2023 NFL draft


Cody Mauch OL North Dakota State 2 (17) 48 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marte Mapu LB/S Sacramento State 3 (13) 76 New England Patriots
Tucker Kraft TE South Dakota State 3 (15) 78 Green Bay Packers
Colby Sorsdal OT William & Mary 5 (18) 152 Detroit Lions
B.J. Thompson DE Stephen F. Austin 5 (32) 166 Kansas City Chiefs
Andrei Iosivas WR Princeton 6 (29) 206 Cincinnati Bengals
Titus Leo LB Wagner 6 (34) 211 Indianapolis Colts
Travis Bell DT Kennesaw State 7 (1) 218 Chicago Bears
Colton Dowell WR UT Martin 7 (11) 228 Tennessee Titans
Isaiah Bolden CB Jackson State 7 (28) 245 New England Patriot

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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By MVRowner
5/04/2023 9:40 am
Throwback Games Thursday: 1992 Youngstown State vs Akron. While not the last college football game to end in a tie, it was the last FCS-D1 game (at the time I-AA I-A) to end in a tie. The game ended 10-10. The head coach for the Penguins at the time was Jim Tressel who went on to coach the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2001 to 2010, and then…
Their QB and the team’s MVP of the season at the time was Nick Cochran. That team would go on to finish runner-up in the I-AA National Championship falling to Marshall on the championship game.
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Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/04/2023 12:04 pm
Week 2 Team of the Week.... South Carolina Buccaneers

Got first win of the season with a 26-7 score vs the MS Bears.

QB Piper had an outstanding game, completing 18 of 22, 1 TD, and a 132 rating.

Kicker Andrew Hudson went 4/4 FGs. MLB James Mundy got the one interception.

Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By MVRowner
5/05/2023 10:25 am
Forgotten Players Friday: James Robinson (RB) from Illinois State. During his college career, he had 797 carries for 4,463 yards (5.5 average), and 44 touchdowns. He had a stellar rookie year with the Jaguars before suffering the curse of Urban Meyer just to be traded to the Jets during the 2022 season then being signed by the Patriots during the offseason.

Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By GrandadB - League Admin
5/05/2023 11:04 pm
Just in case, and whether or not you knew....

FCS stands for Football Championship Subdivision.

I didnt know that til I just looked it up, lol.

Re: FCS Facts, Stories & History

By Gscorpio
5/06/2023 6:46 am
It’s called that to separate themselves from the FBS which could stand for two other things but the NCAA prefers to call it Football Bowl Subdivision. They decided to call FCS the championship subdivision to honor the true championship playoffs Instead of the BS the old D-1 A calls a playoff. (Hence my interpretation of FBS lol)