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Re: Trade Block Open

By GrandadB - League Admin
4/19/2023 10:39 am
The Trade Block is up and trading will be allowed, but no 1st or 2nd round picks to be traded, at least for the first season. What if you end up with a 1.1 thru 1.5 pick, and you traded it away for a player and picks for less value? That is one of the reasons for limiting the pick trading.

Some will need to fill roster spots and you should be able to do so with player for player and/or 3rd thru 7th round picks.

Post players that you want to trade in the trade block, or players that you get an offer on before you agree to a trade. It is in your best interest to put the player on the trade block for at least 1 sim rather than agreeing to an offer right away, without "playing the field", Get the most you can for your trade.

I have also turned off the trade block function based on trade meter value. So be careful with that and do not abuse others with unbalanced trades that you know are not fairly even value. OL usually have more inflated values that other positions, just so you are aware. Make sure you check the ages/yrs playing of the players involved, trading 3rd & 4th round picks for 10 yr of more vet players is not the best of ideas.
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Re: Trade Block Open

By Redneckgopher
7/07/2023 10:14 pm
Ok so I have made a trade offer for a QB which has included a pair of 1st. likely be rejected. so are we allowed to trade picks for player if they include 1st or what is allowed. It was previously mentioned about the 1st season but we are 2nd now? thought I would ask as I will prob get myself into trouble

Re: Trade Block Open

By GrandadB - League Admin
7/08/2023 5:51 pm
Nope, trade restrictions are off now, but still subject to reversal if found to be way out of order, not just my review but combination of opinions if there are protests/comments on the trade.