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Pre season Game 2, IMPORTANT

By GrandadB - League Admin
7/02/2023 7:01 pm
Please take the time to scout your opponent for Game 2.

Set the Number of Games on 1 and Minimum Times Used on 1.

Check the number of offense plays used, 25 is minimum, the goal is 35.

Defense is harder to get good diversity. Not only in the different plays with 25 being the goal. But also in the spread of calls between 43/46, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and GL. And in the spread of calls for LB and coverages. Your sliders should be all the same number other than Blitz 2+, which should be zero or 1, or maybe a little higher depending on your play selection and how many Blitz2+ plays you have active. There are very few, my play list has 3, and none are currently active.

Let your opponent know by PM if there are any noticeable overuse or lack of play selections and diversity.