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Goal Line defense rule

By GrandadB - League Admin
7/01/2023 9:34 am
If you have one or more Goal Line defense plays selected and active, you need to have a rule that will prevent it from being auto-called by your Ai coach. It will be called every time that a 2 TE or 3-1-1 offense personnel play is called.

You may also want to have a second rule where your Goal Line defense is used against those offense personnel plays when you are in a goal line situation or very short yardage, 0-1 for a first down.

If you dont use a rule to prevent the overuse, you can end up with your Goal Line defense(s) being used 15 or more times in a game, which is what we are trying to prevent. Hopefully, one day in a new game version, this will be not be needed, but until then, you need to use rules if you have a Goal Line defense play active. Here is the one that I use.......

Defense vs 122, 221, 311 offense

Down: First Down, Second Down, Third Down, Fourth Down
Distance: 3 - 30 To Go (I leave 0-2 open for use of the GL)
Location: Own 0 - Opp 0
Personnel: 1RB/2TE/2WR, 2RB/2TE/1WR, 3RB/1TE/1WR
Quarter: First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Overtime
Time: 15:00 - 0:00
Score: Down 29+ - Up 29+
Personnel: Goal Line: 0%, Normal Defensive Backfield: 50%, Nickel: 30%, Dime: 10%, Quarter: 10% (variable based on your own preferences)
Secondary: 1-Deep Man: 10%, 2-Deep Man: 10%, 3-Deep Zone: 10%, 4-Deep Zone: 10%, Corner Blitz: 10%, Safety Blitz: 10%, 2-Deep Zone: 10%, Man: 10%, 3-Deep Man: 10%, 4-Deep Man: 10% (all even for play diversity)
Linebackers: Zone: 17%, Blitz 1: 17%, Blitz 2: 17%, Blitz 2+: 17%, Man: 17%, Zone In: 17%
Run/Pass: Run: 0%, Pass: 60%, Neutral: 40% (personal preference)

your preferences also depend on number of times defense plays are called, with the goal being 5 or fewer times per game.