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Season 2

By GrandadB - League Admin
6/16/2023 10:29 pm
As expected, we learned a lot in the first season. Would highly recommend you adjust your sliders as recommended in the "Required" thread, for starters. For season 2, the goal is to increase the use of the personnel and plays that did not get used much previously, namely the 4 & 5 WR offense personnel, and the 2deep zone, 3deep/4deep man & zone secondary coverages.

Remember, the goal here is diversity and variety to provide a more realistic football game versus what I refer to as the "4.5 Optimum", which is limited selection and use of the plays that consistently have the best averages. That means 10 or less defense and 20 or less offensive plays. Gets pretty boring watching games with both teams using that method, along with having WRs and CBs with 80 plus speed at RB, TE, FB, and any and all positions. There are those who prefer that approach, this is the only MFN league currently not being played that way, other than Roster Only. You will be using plays that you dont normally use in other leagues, plays that dont have great averages or consistently good. But, with everyone using them, its a level playing field, and becomes more of a challenge to win by having those plays included.

Good luck with the draft, training camp, and lets see what we can come up with during the 3 preseason games and have the recommended settings squared away for Season 2. all the best, GdB